Weight Loss for Life = Repairing Your Metabolism

Many of you feel confident in knowing how to lose weight. The question is, “Have you been successful at maintaining your weight loss and do you really feel like you have changed your metabolism for the better?” Based on my years of experience working with the general population, the answer to this question more times than not is “no”. Most people are not successful at keeping the weight off and making healthy eating a way of life. I also hear many of you express your concerns about feeling as though your metabolism has slowed down over the years. Yes, infact your metabolism has slowed down and this happens because of all the yo-yo dieting.

There is a simple solution to losing weight the right way and keeping it off. You must speed up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. This is accomplished by stabilizing your blood sugar and creating homeostasis (balance).

Diets create deficits through deprivation and restriction- the opposite of balance. These deficits create unstable blood sugar levels and trigger low blood sugar responses. Low blood-sugar causes your body to go into a panic state in which it begins consuming amino acids (muscle) and converting it into the glucose (sugar) it needs to supply your body with energy (ATP). It does not stop there, in order to make up for the deficits, your body literally eats itself by also consuming bone, cells and cell membranes. In other words, it will take from the inside to get what it needs. This is why you have cravings and are susceptible to gaining weight back so easily because your body tries desperately to rebuild and make up for the losses. Even more seriously, after years of this type of self-cannibalism, your body first experiences various symptoms then eventually, often times, crosses the line into a serious condition.

Nutrition should be used to create internal balance. This is what separates maintaining stable blood sugar from dieting. When nutrition is used to create balance, the body is in homeostasis and will release whatever it does not need such as stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium. This state of homeostasis will also create a positive growth state in the body which promotes cell reproduction, energy, focus, sleep, stress management and increased muscle (where fat is burned).

On a personal note, I was also a victim of yo-yo dieting for many years and it wasn’t until I opened up to this more evolved approach to nutrition that I was able to finally be successful at maintaining my weight. I have maintained a 60 pound weight loss for many years now and my metabolism has increased to such a degree that I have to eat a lot in order to maintain my weight.

In a two hour nutrition consultation, I am able to educate you on how to accomplish blood sugar stabilization and homeostasis by teaching you how to combine specific food groups, with the right ratios (per your goals and activity levels) and in the right intervals. We then custom build and design a menu plan that is meant for your schedule and lifestyle. I share many different meal and snack ideas and help you create a final grocery shopping list.

My clients express how they feel like they are finally being led in the right direction and they are all amazed at how much food they are able to eat and how the weight drops off so effortlessly. Even beyond the weight loss, they celebrate how much energy they have and how their cravings begin to lessen. Inflammation leaves their body and as a result, aches and pains disappear. Now that the inflammation is gone, they discover their bodies are more flexible and agile than they thought. They feel young again and realize that at 40+ they can feel like they are in their 20’s.

When you begin eating this way for life, there won’t be any more New Year’s resolutions for weight loss or crash dieting two months before summer to feel bikini worthy. Instead you will be putting on your bikini and going down to the beach on Christmas Day (that was how I spent my Christmas and it was such a freedom).

Now is the time to put an end to the yo-yo dieting, heal your metabolism, slow down the aging process and feel empowered.

I offer a FREE orientation and health assessment to all existing members, new members, as well as, non- members so please feel free to share my contact information with your family and friends.

Wishing You All Health and Blessings,

Kelly Jean Dammeyer





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