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Liz Nixon

“Put all excuses aside and remember this, you are capable”

Liz Nixon began her career in Health & Wellness by obtaining her B.A. in Recreation/Kinesiology and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With an impressive background in Collegiate Sports and coaching, Liz brings an array of dynamic styles of training to the table. Liz has always had a passion for fitness and health since she began playing sports at a young age.
She loves helping her clients reach goals they never thought possible.

As a wife & mother of two, Liz realizes the importance of health and fitness in order to have energy to keep up with everyday stresses of life.

Using many different styles of training and equipment, she challenges you to dig deep and push you beyond what you think you’re capable of. Pre-netal, Post Natal, Interval, Circuit, and Balance Training are just a few of Liz’s training styles.
Liz enjoys working with new fitness enthusiasts and those seeking to improve performance. Liz’s Challenging and fun programs are not only rewarding for her clients but they also reinforce the habit of bringing out the best in everyone she knows. As someone who loves to train herself, Liz knows what it takes first hand to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Natacha Verdier

“Get More out of life”

Natacha blends a unique style of personal training full of inspiration and motivation. She graduated 2007 from the National Personal Training Institute in Irvine, California where she learned to test and evaluate her clients to create effective exercises, and help her clients exceed their expectations. Her clients achieve fast results through her session using a mix of training techniques which include functional/agility training, strength, balance, flexibility and endurance work.

To benefit from a healthy and physical lifestyle, Natacha’s dedication, experience and love of fitness will be the key to your success.

Cora Mellem

“I appreciate the importance of helping my clients reach goals they may have thought were impossible”

Cora has been an American Council on Exercise personal trainer since 2002. She became interested in fitness when she realized she had to make a life change n order to have more energy, have less stress and live a happier life!
Since then she has enjoyed working with all types of people, and helping them to achieve their own happiness as well as their individual and specific fitness goals. She has also continued to improve hr training style to encompass prenatal and postnatal education as well as studying exercise routines for the older adult population.

Utilizing a circuit training style, Cora is able to achieve great results with her clients. This entails interval training in which strength exercises are combines with endurance exercises, utilizing the benefits of both a cardiovascular and strength training routine. Balancing modalities are also incorporated to increase core stability. Cora’s reward for all her hard work is hearing the simple but cherished changes fitness brings to her clients lives whether it be less back pain, sitting straight up out of ed or picking up their grandchildren with ease for the first time ever.

Linda Dierkes

“Strength is the profound union of body and soul”

Linda has spent the majority of her lige involved in the fitness industry and has been actively training clients in the community since 1994 when she received certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in Personal Training and adult CPR.

She has dedicated her services to Fitness Elite since the gym’s opening. Her experience includes a wide variety of certifications and continuing edication enabling her to work first time exercises, sports athletes, post-rehabilitation patients, elderly populations and the general fitness enthusiast. She introduced marathon training to Fitness Elite in 2000.

Linda’s enthusiasm for fitness stems from her sports background. A competitive gymnast, diver, marathoner and extreme mountain biker she understands the effort, determination and training involved to accomplish one’s fitness goals.

Tailoring your unique experience requires tapping in to one’s self motivation. Linda uses a variety of tools and training techniques to create fun and challenging exercises vital for lifelong adherence to healthy behaviors. Her inspiration comes from knowing she has made a positive difference in a client’s life.

Katie Salerno

Katie has recently moved here from the east coast bringing that edge to her training here. She has been in the health and fitness industry for 17 years, and has developed a results-based training method that is developed to meet the client’s needs.
She is nationally certified through ACE, NASM and Egoscue as well as many years of extra certifications such as Pre and Post Natal, Core and balance training, Youth training, Post rehab training, special populations and weight-loss training.

She began her own quest for fitness and health in her teens, even reaching her own all time high weight at 211 lbs., a humbling experience that taught her how to break the cycle of bad habits. She’s had 3 children and understands all that childbearing does to the body. She’s skilled in accessing a body’s weaknesses and imbalances. Let her show you the right exercises for your body type and goals. She has a passion for health and fitness and lives it on a daily basis and would like to show you how to master your physical experience.

Shane Whitcraft

“If you are willing, he can make it happen”

Shane has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2007. He is well versed in a variety
of disciplines. Shane specializes in lean mass gains, interval training, performance
enhancement, core strengthening, and diet and nutrition management. He is also
EMT and CPR certified. Shane has been an avid basketball player for the past fifteen
years, playing throughout high school and college. He also stays active in most sports,
from mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, playing hockey, and many others.
Shane brings a fun and exciting style of training to Fitness Elite; by having a great
attitude and commitment to helping you reach your fitness goals. To be healthy is to
have a great attitude and good character. Shane appreciates fitness and exercise on many levels. Physically, performing exercise can be rigorous; But the reward and the feeling of accomplishment once something difficult is completed is one of the best
feelings in the world! Mentally, the challenge of controlling your mind to force your body
to overcome an overwhelming task is something of true value. Spiritually, being fit and
living a healthy lifestyle can bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction to ones life.
Shane’s goal is to make it happen for you!

Jerry Owens

Jerry has been a fitness Trainer for over 30 years.
He has been sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with the members of Fitness Elite for over seven years. Jerry has assisted over 2,000 clients in achieving healthy and fit lifestyles. He is constantly learning all of the latest methods of fitness such as; TRX suspension training, Kettle bell workouts, Body Blade, and Power Plate. Jerry can give you a great Workout with cross training and circuit training using free weights, bands, and the latest in resistance equipment. Jerry specializes in Bodybuilding for a better-looking and healthier appearance; and functional training for a variety of sports, including golf.

He also teaches boxing and self-defense. Jerry has worked at many fitness clubs such as American Health Club, and 24 Hour Fitness, where he was voted trainer of the year for three years. He has worked with Jack Lalanne in his sports club and has trained many celebrities such as Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar. With his
fitness knowledge and Certification in Nutrition, Jerry has written weekly columns for the San Clemente Sun Post. Jerry is also consistently in the top three competitors of the Orange County Muscle Classics for four years! Jerry’s key to training is always keeping his clients motivated, for maximum results.

Shay Whited

Fitness is a lifestyle and Shay takes pride in helping others achieve that!

Shay graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in 2008 and has been training a variety of people ever since. From doing one-on-one personal training to large boot camp classes, Shay has helped many individuals meet their specific health and fitness goals.
Shortly after the birth of her first child in 2007, Shay began her fitness career. She learned the importance of motivation and dedication as she had her second child in 2010 and transformed her own body back to pre baby shape. Her strength and knowledge landed her the opportunity to instruct an indoor boot camp franchise. Shay trained and educated large

group classes with great success. Within no time Shay owned and operated her own indoor boot camp, hiring and instructing employees, organizing fitness routines and perfecting the formula for strength-gain, weight loss and overall self-assurance.
Currently Shay focuses more on individual training, where she can personalize each client’s fitness experience to their specific goals. She offers challenging and motivating workouts that focus on weight training, cardio and core work. She is definitely a “people person” and loves to interact. She loves what she does and has found her passion in her chosen career. The
rewards are never ending!

Natalie Dickson

Natalie Dickson is a certified personal trainer with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, a certified kickboxing instructor and an accomplished coach that has trained and led teams to national titles. Natalie has an extensive background in numerous forms of exercise from metabolic circuit style training, to Olympic lifting and strength building. Whether through personal training, boot camps, or class instruction, she understands the various forms of exercise to help her clients obtain and maintain their fitness goals and objectives.

As a mother of four children, Natalie has come to learn and truly understand the balance of fitness, training, and motherhood in a realistic, hands-on approach to physical health and nutrition. This has enabled her to share what she has learned with others and help them better themselves physically and mentally by way of exercise and fitness. Her passion is to impact those who seek to improve their lives through dedication, education, and self-empowerment!!

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