Anne Staeb

My name is Anne Staeb and I have been a member of Xtreme Fitness for over ten years. I have always been very active and have thoroughly enjoyed working out. Because of my size people have always thought that I was in shape and healthy. However, looks can be very deceiving. I have two major health conditions, osteoporosis and severe weakness and instability in my right knee due to a skiing accident that severed my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

I have been very discouraged working out on my own, trying to find the right kind of workout that would strengthen my legs without causing further pain and injury to my knee and spine. Every time I felt that I was getting stronger, I would re-injure myself, have to regress from training and start all over. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was even more limited in the kinds of exercises I was able to do. Those that would strengthen my spine would hurt my knee and vice versa. Because I was unable to keep my exercise regimen going, I was rapidly losing lean muscle mass as I aged. This was very discouraging and I was almost resigned to the fact that there was nothing else I could do to improve my situation.

However, I renewed my membership at Xtreme Fitness in December of 2012 and the fitness orientation was included. I had never taken advantage of the orientation before, but this time I decided to. At first, I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure how much training the instructors had in working with clients with osteoporosis and major injuries. Stacey Thompson was assigned to work with me and I could not have been more fortunate. Stacey is certified with the National Academy if Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Corrective Exercise Specialists (CES). Stacey did a complete postural and movement evaluation at the first meeting, gaining a thorough understanding of my injuries and limitations. I am amazed at her knowledge of human physiology, corrective exercise and injury prevention. I especially love her holistic approach to exercise. Each session she evaluates my strengths and weaknesses and formulates the optimal exercises for that day. She pays incredible attention to detail and ensures that all exercises are done properly, with precise form and technique. I have been so encouraged by my improvements in overall conditioning and leg strength, all without injury or pain!!!

Working with Stacey is like having my own personal physical therapist, and she is as knowledgeable as any with whom I have ever worked. With the safe and well planned program that she has designed for me, Stacey has given me hope that I can continue to improve my overall condition and that I am not helpless in my battle with osteoporosis.

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