Frank Hagar

So there you have it… motivation for embarking on the fitness program this year. Joni, Frank’s wife of 20 years, is extremely pleased that he is 50+ pounds lighter. At one point just before their20th anniversary, Frank foolishly promised Joni that he would be around for their 66th anniversary when he will be 100 years old. The reality of that promise set in as he was huffing and puffing his way up the stairs.

So at 55 with 2 of 4 daughters living at home, 2 grandsons, 2 dogs and with a motivational push from a good friend while visiting him and his family in Turkey, Frank embarked on this program. It turns out that Turkey in the summer is an excellent place to begin changing your dietary habits. It is hot, they eat a lot of vegetables and there is an incredible number of fascinating and historical places to visit that are all within walking distance of wherever you are.

However, having been on the diet roller coaster several times, the one thing that Frank was sure of was to be successful, exercise would be required not only to maintain a personally acceptable weight loss rate but to tone a body that had gotten a bit (a large bit) out of shape. Having been a Xtreme Fitness member in the past on one of the roller coaster weight loss programs, he called them again. This time, he enlisted the aid of a trainer and was fortunate enough to meet Jerry Owens. Jerry looked at Frank on the first day and probably thought, “Oh boy, here is a challenge.” However, his patience, perseverance and motivation helped carry Frank to his 50+ pound weight loss, 7 inch decrease in waist, 4 inch decrease in neck size and as Frank puts it, he is down several cup sizes and no longer needs a “bro.”

Frank and his family are longtime residents of San Clemente. He is a consulting geologist who works from his home office on projects ranging from environmental cleanups in Nevada to mine planning in Colorado and South Dakota.

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