Fred Robinson

The photograph below is me last Easter. If I look straight into my bathroom mirror, I don’t look so bad to myself, but when someone photographs you as others see you – from the side, for example – it has an effect. The photograph to the right is me now. Losing 32 lbs. may not be wildly dramatic but the combination of weight loss and exercise has given me a new and better life. I have gone from a 40 to a 36 waist and from a 17 to a 16 neck. My ties hang straight down rather than rippling across my belly. My shirts stay tucked in. I get up from couches easily. I get up from couches easily. I feel good: more balanced. My wife Claire hugs me more often. Our cat looks at me with what I think is new respect.

All this I owe to Jerry Owens, with Xtreme Fitness, whom Claire and I have trained with for years. “Keep the blood moving,” he says, which is more graphic than just “keep your circulation up.” “Nothing good happens if your blood isn’t moving,” he says. I first signed up with Jerry when I found myself falling down after the least mis-step while walking. “Core muscles,” said Jerry and he devised a program specific to what I needed. I got stronger and stayed upright, but my weight was still a problem. Professional diets only worked for a while. Jerry said in regard to food, “Eat every two hours and keep your portions down.” He gave me a simple diet. I cut down on carbs. I was never hungry and never full. Workouts were easier, though Jerry kept giving me “bonuses.” He knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. I said, “Jerry, I’m getting stronger and lighter.” He said, “Really” – it wasn’t a question.

I’ve maintained my weight for a month now, having added a one-hour “constitutional” walk at night to my morning exercises. The thought of my blood not moving keeps me motivated. That and Jerry, who never criticizes me, never gives me more than I can do, never lets me get used to what I’m doing. “Stop being so easy on yourself,” he says. He adjusts my exercises subtly. He knows how to push you without being pushy. Claire and I owe Jerry and his professionalism a lot. You can see what “a lot” means when you compare these photographs. I’m 69 years old and I’ve stopped falling down.
My name is Fred Robinson and I live Capo Beach and am a Professor of English at the University of San Diego.


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