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Kelly Jean Dammeyer

Health and Wellness Expert

Weight Loss – Nutrition – Fitness
Life Coaching – Total Wellness Program
Addiction Recovery Specialist

Kelly Jean Dammeyer holds the most profound wish that all beings embody physical health in a way that allows them to experience life in the most fulfilling ways.

Kelly Jean spent her earlier years battling and overcoming addictions of all types including alcohol, drugs, nicotine and food. She also overcame obesity, a chronic illness, anxiety, depression and many more adversities. Kelly Jean has first and foremost committed the last twenty four years to her own precious journey of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. As a result, she opens herself up to supporting a wide variety of people and welcomes any of their personal challenges that they feel they are ready to overcome.

Kelly Jean is certified in and has a deep knowledge of physiology and exercise, she is a Certified Nutritionist with a more evolved approach that is based on the principles of blood sugar stabilization, adrenal health, hormone and brain chemistry balance which are the keys to weight loss, optimal health and slowing down the aging process.

Kelly Jean is highly skilled at assessing individual needs, she has the gift of intuition which compliments everything she does and she is absolutely, totally focused on the needs of everyone she works with. Finally, something that is rare in many areas of expertise, is her genuine loving spirit combined with sense of humor that create an added feeling of inspiration and hope that the journey itself is truly a celebration.

Along with her expertise in health and wellness, Kelly Jean is a professional actress. She has been one of the FOX 5 health and wellness experts, she has hosted her own radio talk show, owned her own studio, produced a “Total Body Core Workout” DVD and is a gifted writer.

“I have spent my entire life dieting. In the last many years, I have searched ways to eat that would help my body feel “right”. I went vegan, raw, gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish…gave up every type of food thinking that was going to give me energy. Nothing worked. I became controlled by sugar cravings, not knowing why. My search for a full, healthy life brought me to Kelly. I needed someone to tell me how to work with my body, me, and all my health issues. After just 2 weeks on the personal program Kelly created for me, I feel great. Inflammation is gone, I have energy and I have already lost 3 pounds.
Kelly is truly an angel…sent to me to give me back a life of enjoyment, health, and energy!”
Sharon E.

Certified Nutritionist, Level III Macrobiotics, Certified Spiritual Facilitator with the Center for Soulful Living, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), White Lotus Yoga, Pilates, Post Rehabilitative Training

Our goal at Fitness Elite is to help the entire community transform their health. As a result, Kelly Jean Dammeyer’s nutrition and wellness services are available to both members and non members”. Kelly Jean offers everyone a FREE consultation. To set up an appointment, contact Kelly Jean at: 760-696-7084.

Wellness, Nutrition, & Weight Loss

Most of us know that eating right plays a major role in reaching our ideal weight, but many don’t know exactly which nutritional plan they should follow to help them personally shed those stubborn pounds. Our bodies all work differently and respond to different things. What works for one person may not work for another. At Fitness Elite For Women we can offer you a full nutritional plan tailored for your needs. Our 3 step system will have you on the road to slimming success fast.
How does it work?

Initial Health & Wellness History & Evaluation

First we examine any physical problems, illnesses, allergies, blood pressure, weight, and other concerns in detail. Discuss your current limitations and explore realistic goals to enhance your daily life and activities.
Would you like to lose weight, gain weight, deal better with allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, a particular addiction, hypo or hyperglycemia, diabetes, or inability to sleep?
The effects of these conditions can be reduced greatly when you learn simple and effective ways to change your exterior body, by improving your interior body.

Body Chemistry Health Assessment

Following a thorough understanding of your current body chemistry, you will receive unique personal guidance together with a treatment regimen created specifically for the benefit of your body.
This assessment involves a detailed, three-hour evaluation of your body chemistry including HCL levels, biliary status, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, blood sugar, vitamins and minerals, prostrate or hormonal levels, thyroid, allergies, heart and respiratory condition (no blood test needed).
You will be given a comprehensive, easy-to-implement plan for improvement and on-going wellness, tailored to your very special physical and/or medical conditions or pre-conditions.

Nutrition and Diet Counseling

A proven, effective nutrition plan designed for your body will provide optimum nutrition and eliminate the need to count calories, count fat grams or count carbohydrate intake!
You will be advised in proper food selection for your body type, correct preparation of those foods, and consumption quantities related specifically to your body chemistry and clinical health analysis. You will receive a fast track fat loss and maintenance diet, and an individually tailored packet of easy-to-follow instructions that will enable you to eat to get trim and eat to stay trim.

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